is the easiest way to send a personalized message to friends

A few minutes ago I received a message from Josiah Motley who also writes for KnowTechie. The message was simple but straight to the point. Instead of me writing about it, let me just show you what he sent me:

Here’s the message for all the lazy people who didn’t want to click the link: is a service that allows you to send personalized message to your friends in an engaging and interactive format.

The website offers 7 different greetings:

  • High Five
  • Fuck You
  • Respect
  • Hang Loose
  • Peace
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • Thumbs Up

Once you select your greeting, all you have to do from there is type in your recipient’s name and click send. From there, will provide you with a url to share with your friend. You can also share it via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

It’s that simple! Go ahead and try it out for yourself, but please try to refrain yourself from giving me the finger. I’ve had 4 of these sent to me already.

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