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Shlocker is a shower locker that prevents your cheap roommates from stealing your stuff

If you have a thieving roommate, Shlocker will keep your personal care products safe out of arms reach.


If you have a thieving roommate, Shlocker will keep your personal care products safe out of arms reach.

No one likes a leach, especially when they’re living under the same roof as you. How many times have you gone into the shower to find that your shampoo or bar of soap has been used by someone other than yourself?

This is a common threat against roommates and luckily a new Kickstarter campaign Shlocker is looking to solve the problem.

In a nutshell Shlocker is a shower locker that keeps your personal care products out of your roommates grubby hands. Here’s some of the features Shlocker has to offer as described in a recent press release:

Comprised of non-toxic, BPA free plastic, stainless steel hinges, and commercial grade suction cups, Shlocker itself is lightweight, but has the ability to hold up to 88 lbs. Using a three number lock combination, Shlocker keeps the most decadent body scrub safe from thievery.  With a shelf for added convenience, Shlocker can hold two jumbo sized shampoo/conditioner containers, with even more capacity to secure razors, shaving cream, bars of soap, and more.

To get your hands on one, you pre-order the product starting at $20 on Kickstarter. If successfully funded, Shlocker will retail for about $34.99. You could even buy it in bulk if you want to get fancy. Shockers come in a variety of colors such as green, white, blue, grey, and pink.

“There is a time in everyone’s life where we live with someone else,” says Shlocker CEO and Co-Founder, Tal Berke. “Living with them doesn’t need to mean sharing everything. As with every relationship in life, there are healthy boundaries. We took, ‘good fences make good neighbors’ and applied it to the bathroom etiquette.”

Shlocker is looking to raise $30,000 via Kickstarter. To learn more, click here.

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