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Sitting all day will f**k you up. Here’s how not to turn into Quasimodo.

Don’t think your desk-sitting ways are working against your health? Think again. Here’s what you can do to stop your slide into Quasimodo-dom.



There is increasing awareness that sitting for extended periods causes some serious health issues, eventually turning you into a kind of workplace Quasimodo. We all know to sit up straight and to place our feet firmly below the desk, take frequent breaks, etc.

Worse still, experts are saying that regular exercise, no matter how vigorous, does not combat the effects of 9-5 inactivity; you need to keep moving throughout the day.

Want a detailed description of what will happen if you don’t change your desk-sitting ways? The Washington Post just published a pretty detailed graphic that breaks it down, along with what you can do to combat the slide into the Hunchback of Office Workday.

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H/T Washington Post

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