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How to be a smart parent: Internet Safety

As a parent, it’s important to stay vigilant for your child when it comes to internet safety. Here’s some of the best tips to keep your child safe online

As a parent, it’s important to stay vigilant for your child when it comes to internet safety. Here’s some of the best tips to keep your child safe online

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the things we cherish most in our lives is our children. It seems somehow that no matter how old they get, we are always looking out for them and trying to keep them safe. In recent years, with the complete technological and internet hype, it became a bit more difficult to keep an eye on our children and make sure they are safe from all the dangers that the virtual world holds for them. Of course, technology can be a great learning method and a wonderful thing (if used correctly). So, we are here to aid you in becoming a cyber safe parent.

Internet Safety


We live in the technological era where every child has access to a computer from an early age. Of course, computers can have a positive and negative influence on your kids, so it’s imperative for them to learn how to use them properly. Children who spend too much time in front of a monitor might become antisocial or too absorbed into the virtual world. Other than that, there are a lot of other hidden dangers from identity thefts and child pornography to software dangers like viruses.

But, computers can be used in a good manner as well. For instance, there are fantastic math games for kids that can boost their brain activity, help them with decision-making, problem-solving, etc. There are also a lot of educational programs, like cartoons and TV shows that serve as great learning methods and can even help with their future development. Computers also allow children to express their creative side and boost their intellect.


One of the most common internet dangers, especially for very young children, is becoming victims of cyberbullying. There are a lot of different forms of cyberbullying, but they are all equally harmful. It is your duty as a parent to know how to recognize the signs and learn in what ways to approach your children with this issue.

You need to create a safe haven where your children can confide in you and be sure that you will take the appropriate measures of reporting or blocking the bully. There is also the other side of the coin; if it just happens that your child is a bully himself. Most parents refuse to come to terms with this, but it is better to regulate that behavior early on.

Useful Apps

Best Apps internet safety

There are certain things that make the parenting world much easier. For instance, if your child owns a phone or a tablet, you just might consider downloading a few applications that will make you an ultimate internet safety parent. There are apps like kids place that are designed to work like a parental control, as they offer you a customized screen where you have complete control of all the apps on your child’s device, that prevents them from downloading any unwanted content. Also, the parental control board gives you the ability to track all of your kids’ activities and monitor any content that goes through his/her smartphone like text messages, call logs, and similar forms of communication.


Undeniably, the most important thing when it comes to becoming a smart and aware parent is actually talking with your children. Educating your kids from an early age is an important factor when it comes to protecting them. You need to explain thoroughly about all the dangers that exist and also show them the proper ways to protect themselves.

Internet Safety

Set some house rules and teach them basic things about not sharing personal information on the internet and not talking with strangers. But, perhaps, the most vital factor here is creating a zone of mutual trust. This way, your children will know that they can confide in you with all their problems and you will be sure that they are safe from the hidden horrors of the internet. This will also save you the trouble of monitoring your children’s every move; which can greatly undermine the trust between your children and you.

We all want what is best for our children, but there are good and bad ways to achieve what we are striving for. Proper education, good learning tools, and creative content – this is what you should focus your children on. The Internet and computers can be a great tool; you just need to teach your children the proper ways to use them.

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