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Keeping it real: most people use a smartphone on the toilet

When smartphones hit the scene, the days of magazine racks in bathrooms were numbered. It’s safe to say, most people use smartphones in a bathroom.

Man on toilet

Man on toilet

Back in the day, people would leave a rack near the toilet that would hold books, magazines, and newspapers for reading material when a prolonged act of nature occurred. That was back in the day, or until smartphones came on the scene.

Nowadays, we’re sneaking into the bathrooms with our phones at work to check our email, update a Facebook status, look for other jobs, Tinder for a bit, all up until the feeling in your legs becomes a distant memory.

A lot of people will sit there and deny that they don’t do this, but cmon, let’s be real: How can you not?!

For the non-believers, check out this data-driven chart from the comedy site Kind of Normal.

Toilet Tech

Bear in mind: There are others out there just like you, so for the love of god, turn off your sound!

H/T Huffington Post

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