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Snag a 3rd gen Echo Dot for just $22 – That’s right, $22

Um, this is kind of a no-brainer.

echo dot 3rd gen knowtechie
Image: KnowTechie

Ok sure, we get it. Amazon’s Alexa-enabled smart speakers allow the company’s employees to snoop in on your conversations. Yes, they can easily discover any user’s home address. And sure, it could land you in jail (granted you committed some heinous crime). I mean, what do you expect from a device that’s riddled with microphones and sits around waiting for you to say its wake word?

Thankfully, all of these issues have been fixed. And to be fair, these are great devices. They’re extremely helpful and useful when you really need them. A lot of us here at KnowTechie have at least one in our home and we can’t imagine life without it. If you haven’t experienced any of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices, Amazon is offering third-generation Echo Dots at just $22. That’s $28 off its usual asking price. The newest Echo Dots are just $35 if you prefer to go down that route.

Scoring a new Echo Dot at just $22 is an insanely good deal and we wouldn’t think twice about passing this up. We highly recommend scooping one up. Makes for a perfect holiday gift.

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