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Cozy Free is a Better System For Landlords and Renters

Cozy is the first complete modern service for independent landlords and renters.

Cozy - pay with roomates


Renting is a necessary evil many of us have to endure. Actually, renting is not evil, but the hassle that surrounds the rental process sometimes feels like it was devised straight from Satan himself. Application fees abound and hand written personal information flies freely among dozens of prospective landlords. The fun doesn’t end there, either. Each month you’ll need to pull out that dusty checkbook and write a check to your landlord and pray that it arrives to their mailbox on time. Why, in 2014, is property rental still such a hassle?

Cozy wants to address this very issue with Cozy Free which will allow landlords and renters a better way to interact and do business.

For Renters

Cozy for renters

Prospective renters can create a profile for free, filling out basic information about themselves, as well as references and job information. Renters can take this a step further and even get their job information “verified” by linking their profile with LinkedIn. This information can be quickly submitted to landlords who are looking for people to rent their properties. As an added measure of security, renters may “pull back” their submitted applications, meaning their sensitive information is no longer available to the potential landlords.

For Landlords

Cozy for landlords

If you’re a landlord, Cozy is now offering their core products for free. You’ll be able to quickly browse through potential clients and cross-reference their employment history by using LinkedIn. Cozy Free will also have important information like rental history and references available to property owners. Need to run a credit check? Cozy Free works with Experian to allow you to do just that. Rental collection is also included with Cozy Free and allows landlords to quickly and securely obtain payments from their clients, without the need for messy checks.

If there are multiple people renting a single property, Cozy gives you additional options for paying rent amongst roommates. In the case of multiple tenants, the landlord can send out an invoice to one client, and from there the client can add his roommates to the invoice. Roommates can then decide who pays what amount and when, meaning each roommate is responsible for their piece of the rent. Landlords do not have to worry about receiving multiple payments, however, because Cozy Free bundles the payments before depositing the lump sum into their account.

Cozy - pay with roomates

Well, what if one roommate hasn’t paid their half of the rent? In cases like this, Cozy Free will send out an email to all the roommates alerting them that one from their group has yet to pay and is holding the process up for the rest of them.

Cozy is currently available in over 1,000 cities and suburbs, and is continuing to grow. It will be interesting to see how Cozy will address and embrace smaller cities and towns but Gino Zahnd, CEO of Cozy, would like to alleviate those concerns;

“Since launching in June 2013, Cozy has organically grown to be used in over 1,000 cities in the U.S. We’re in every urban area, most suburbs, and many college towns and small towns.

An integral part of our initial research before we built Cozy was to interview and work with landlords in all types of markets. We wanted to be sure the product works as well in large urban areas as it does in small towns. Our current geographic distribution shows that early research paid off.”

With powerful tools for both renters and landlords, Cozy Free is definitely on the right track. They’re addressing an issue many of us have dealt with, or are currently dealing with, and know exactly where to alleviate the traditional headaches associated with property rental.

Try Cozy for Free here!

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