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Solar-powered ‘smart’ benches coming to Boston

Why should benches just be seats? A new, high-tech model is coming soon to a park near you.

soofa smart bench

soofa smart bench

Here’s something else to add to the Internet of Things: park benches.

Solar-powered benches called Soofas will be appearing in Boston parks soon, the Boston Globe reports. Besides, you know, something to sit on, the bench will offer a charging station and a wireless internet connection to provide information such as air quality, using your location-based data.

“Your cell phone doesn’t just make phone calls,” Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh said in a statement Friday, the Globe reports. “Why should our benches just be seats?”

The people behind the Soofa are three female engineers working with MIT Media spinoff start-up Changing Environments, according to Yahoo Tech.

If you’re a Boston resident, you may have seen one already. If not, keep your eyes open. They’ll be popping up in city park in Boston near you.

H/T Business Insider

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