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A source reveals this Is the new iPhone 6

Could this be the all new iPhone 6? A reliable source says yes!

iphone 6

iphone 6

Sonny Dickson, who has a proven track record of accurate iPhone leaks, tweeted out this picture this morning claiming this is the new iPhone 6.

There’s been a lot of buzz in the tech community about whether Apple will be releasing a larger version of the iPhone, while still manufacturing the traditional 4.7-inch models.

The larger version of the iPhone 6 has been rumored to have a 5.5-inch screen, which means Apple flag-waivers can’t talk smack about larger Android phones anymore. Welcome to the club, Apple!

However, it’s always possible Dickson could be wrong. On the bright side, previous leaks tell us he’s proven to be a reliable source. If these images are real, then it goes hand in hand with the gossip of iPhone 6 cases already available for sale in China.

What do you think? Could be the new iPhone 6 consumers have patiently been waiting for?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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