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Tesla will soon make its Superchargers available to other electric vehicles

The massive network of chargers makes long-range travel in an EV possible.

tesla supercharging station
Image: Tesla

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Over the last ten years or so, Tesla has built up a massive network of over 25,000 electric vehicle Superchargers across the globe. Now, Elon Musk has said that the company’s Supercharger network will become available to other EV owners sometime later this year.

In a response to a tweet defending the company’s use of a proprietary charger and charging network, Musk replied, saying that the company had created the proprietary charger because “there was no standard back then & Tesla was [the] only maker of long range electric cars.”

Since that has obviously changed in the years since Tesla first began putting EVs on the road, Musk is looking to open up his company’s network of Superchargers so that other vehicles will be able to utilize the infrastructure that Tesla has built.

If this is actually true, it could be an absolute game-changer for EVs. The inherent issue with EVs is that, just like internal combustion engines, they eventually run out of power. Unlike traditional vehicles, however, EVs lack the necessary infrastructure to sustain long-range travel.

That could all change for the better if Tesla opens up its Supercharger network to other vehicle manufacturers. The company has developed a thought-out infrastructure that supports long-range travel through methodically located charging stations. In fact, it recently revealed a 3,100-mile charging route that stretches from London all the way to China.

There’s no way to know Tesla’s exact plans for the Supercharger network. As of right now, all we have to go off of is this tweet from Elon Musk who, if we’re being honest, is known for tweeting some outrageous things.

Still, it would be cool to see this actually happen, and it could be a huge help in establishing a solid infrastructure for long-range travel in EVs.

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