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Here’s how using a Supercharger station will work for non-Tesla electric vehicles

During an earnings call, Elon Musk explained how charging would work for non-Tesla owners.

Tesla supercharging station
Image: Tesla

Tesla is one of the dominant names in the electric vehicle field, and its Supercharger network allows Tesla owners to charge their EVs all over the country.

After announcing last week that Tesla would start allowing other EVs to use its charging stations, Elon Musk has shed some light on how that will work.

As explained in a quarterly earnings call (and reported by Mashable), other EV owners will be able to use the Supercharger stations by downloading the Tesla app.

For non-Tesla owners that live in places other than North America, charging will be straightforward, as the connector should be the same. For North American owners, Tesla will provide adapters at the Supercharger stations. Elon Musk did state that might change if theft is a problem.

Supercharger stations also use a fast-charging method, something that older, non-Tesla EVs may not be capable of. In cases like this, charging can still occur, but because of the long charging times, it may cost those vehicle owners more.

Overall, it’s good to see Tesla doing this. Opening up its convenient charging stations to more users means (hopefully) a higher adoption of EVs. If owners know they can get a charge when on the road, they are more likely to purchase one in the future.

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