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Verizon built a huge Ford F-650 that provides 5G for emergency responders

Verizon says it is a prototype, but this could be great for first responders during an emergency.

Verizon f-650 with 5g called thor
Image: Verizon

Sadly, natural disasters are something that people all over the world have to deal with occasionally. During those times, getting cell or internet service can be difficult. Now, Verizon is introducing a massive Ford F-650 that might be able to provide assistance.

When a massive emergency happens, both first responders and citizens need connectivity to communicate with others, figure out details of the emergency, and more. Called the Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response (THOR) vehicle, Verizon built this monster with the intention to help the Department of Defense and first responders.

The behemoth can hold six people in the front part of the truck (a driver and four passengers) and an additional three people in the back. The back portion is also where all the 5G magic happens.

THOR is equipped with technology that allows it to beam 5G coverage and full radio interoperability around the area it is situated. Verizon notes that “THOR can provide its own mobile network and also features capabilities ranging from commercial satellite options to the ability to be operated remotely from a tablet.”

Overall, this is a pretty awesome idea from Verizon. While 5G coverage might still have its issues, being able to provide first responders and other people a way to connect, even in the midst of a disaster, is definitely something to root for.

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