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You Can Die From Texting! – Here’s Why!

There’s a phenomenon called blackberry thumb caused by texting……And it could KILL YOU!

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Do you text all day? Play video games for long extended hours? Send email? Work at a computer?

Well, you could die from too much texting!

No, not really, but you could get a mean case of tendinitis which is never fun.

Check it out:  There’s a phenomenon called blackberry thumb. The real medical name is De Quervain syndrome and it’s associated with tendons connected to the thumb through the wrist.

Here’s how to prevent it: 

Experts recommend that BlackBerry thumb can be prevented by use of other fingers to press buttons on handheld devices, and varying which fingers are used. They also encourage owners of these devices not to use them for lengthy typing tasks, such as writing lengthy emails, papers, or books.

With this new knowledge in hand, will this make you think twice about replying to that annoying co-worker?

How much time a day you spend a day working on emails or texting? Share them in the comments. 

h/t Mashable

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