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The Autonomous SmartDesk 4: Ergonomics meets groundbreaking tech

Autonomous, Inc has announced its latest ergonomic innovation, the SmartDesk 4, set for release in early November.

Autonomous smart desk 4
Image: Autonomous

The SmartDesk 4 is an all-new standing desk that incorporates Autonomous’ years of experience engineering smart tools with their passion for cutting edge technological solutions. The desk incorporates Autonomous’ unwavering dedication to minimalist and functional aesthetics suitable for any workspace, similarly found in its popular ErgoChair 2 and SmartDesk 2. 

The company has now shifted its focus to producing smart everyday tools and innovative new services for users in the form of a first-in-its-class app and mobile device integration. This makes the SmartDesk 4 the optimal productivity solution for anyone working remotely.

“The SmartDesk 4 represents our new strategy to accommodate the needs of our customers who work remotely,” says founder Duy Huynh. “By incorporating a built-in app, we’ve dramatically expanded the uses and functions of SmartDesk 4 beyond what most might think possible with a standing desk.”

Though the SmartDesk 4 is packed with new features, its most notable addition is the smart app, which allows users to not only adjust and fine-tune the desk’s settings to suit their individual preferences but enables access to a growing library of video tutorials and guides for getting exercise right at the desk. 


Image: Autonomous

This shift in Autonomous’ strategy can also be seen in their dedication to creating an app integration that gives users useful tips and controls and acts as a virtual assistant, helping them monitor their progress by keeping a log. This hardware and software integration makes Autonomous an industry anomaly, pushing an innovative new approach to productivity and smart tools in the office.

The app boosts productivity by optimizing the user’s work routine to incorporate blocks of work time and scheduled breaks, modeled after the popular Pomodoro method. SmartDesk 4 users can then focus entirely on their work, while their desk and app integration manages the details of their work schedule for them. 

It’s an unprecedented productivity booster for anyone working from home or in a corporate office.

The SmartDesk 4 continues in the lineage of Autonomous’ other beloved flagship products, featuring rock-solid build quality and guarantee consistent performance for years. The new dual-engine electric motor is not only more powerful—capable of lifting up to 350 pounds—but quieter than ever before with a maximum of just 40 dB. The lifting capacity alone is a 15% increase over its previous SmartDesk models.

Those interested in staying up-to-date on release announcements for the upcoming SmartDesk 4 should subscribe to updates via the Autonomous website now: 

Autonomous is expected to release more details about the SmartDesk 4 before its upcoming November launch.

About Autonomous 

Our journey started after launching the SmartDesk on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo in 2015. Since then, we grew into an international company, reaching $100M in revenue in just 5 years. Today we are a well-known brand of smart office furniture. Our customer base’s rapid growth is a seal of approval that Autonomous products live up to their consumer expectations and budget. Not only do we manufacture the most affordable office furniture, but we are also the ambassadors for the smart working movement worldwide. 

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