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The gift of music is now more personalized with Songlorious

Innovative platform Songlorious takes music personalization to the next level: Artists who create a song also send a personalized voice note greeting to the customer.

Image: Songlorious

No matter the occasion, searching for the perfect gift can become a challenging task for anyone. Having a selection of multiple gift ideas, while still being budget-friendly can bring about many hurdles in the process. A small New York-based company, Songlorious has managed to bring a personalized offering to the table, giving individuals the chance to create custom-made songs for their loved ones.

The small business started after the founder and his fiancé first wrote and composed a song for a friend’s wedding. Soon after, the couple started receiving multiple requests from friends and family to create original and authentic music for special occasions. Now, the couple has expanded their offering, bringing aboard 12 talented and professional music artists looking for ways to express their melodic creativity.

What does Songlorious offer?

Songlorious removes traditional thinking, offering a new product, and service that will surely make thousands of people see the true value of music. With a variety of genres, such as country, indie rock, blues, to EDM and electropop, users will now be able to quickly craft together the perfect song. In addition, users can dictate how the track will be put together, choosing on the mood, length, voice preference, and most importantly its delivery time.

Customization is a core value of the company, ensuring users will have the capacity to add personalized touches and revisions on the final product. The online platform is a collaboration between the needs of more personalized music and talented artists. Transforming thoughts, memories, and ideas into something that will have a lasting effect has made Songlorious an authentic alternative.

How does the process work?

Additionally, the business does offer quick delivery, as many are aware of the long and hard process involved with creating new music. Songlorious offers quick delivery, as users will receive their orders within 2-4 business days. Finding the right words to put into music is not always easy, thus making some changes to the final product can mean an extended delivery, but the company has seen a great turnaround and high levels of customer satisfaction.

The reliance of proper artists has seen the platform gain more traction over time, as they knit together singers and songwriters from across the world. It’s not always certain whether sharing personal experiences with others will result in them having the same effect, but for the artists, at Songlorious there’s a sense of bonding different sentiments into something original.

Songlorious is a budget-friendly option

The budget-friendly experience makes it possible for users to decide on the price they want to pay, with different genres ranging between $45 and $50. Although it can be considered that additional revisions might come at extra cost, the authentic thought will truly overshadow the monetary value.

Customer reviews

While it has brought originality to the table, previous customers have already shared a great deal of positivity regarding their final products. Some reviews reflect on the efficient and friendly manner artists interacted with customers, but also how wonderful and thoughtful the artists were in crafting together different pieces of music. In the modern era, many customers are looking for a trusted company, and especially in the niche market of writing personalized music, a human element, and a sense of understanding is more important than anything.

It’s not always certain that an original song will be the right gift for just about anyone, as taste in music, and the occasion will influence what needs to be created. There is a sense of nostalgia connected to the idea of having something that is so connected with oneself, and the person you may want to share it with.

A final thought on Songlorious

From time to time, many will feel the need to retrieve old memories which once brought them happiness in times of adversity, making it possible for them to relive a certain time frame in their life. It’s a way for any person to have a lasting memory, being able to share it with loved ones for years to come. Songlorious and its artists do an incredible job capturing the true essence of what it means to relive a memorable moment. Close gatherings and intimate occasions can become a lasting memory as the platform puts rhythm into something only a memory and thought can provoke.

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