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The quick and skinny on how drones fly

Ever wonder how drones fly? This quick guide will provide you with all the details you need to know.

Drones, also known as quadcopters, offer a variety of benefits and lend themselves to many personal and professional applications. So how do these small, unmanned aerial vehicles fly through the air?

Four Motors, Four Propellers

Quadcopters separate themselves from most helicopter models in they feature two sets of identical, fixed pitch propellers. Two of these propellers are clockwise, and two counter-clockwise. The aerial vehicles also include four motors, which work in conjunction with the propellers to provide thrust and subsequent lift.


Vehicle Control

Control of professional and personal drones occurs by altering rotation rate of one or more rotor disc. This affects torque as well as thrust and lift, allowing the quadcopter to move seamlessly from one section of sky to the next.

Ease of Operation

Quadcopters are so easy to fly even those new to drone use can operate them. This is due to advances in small micro-controller technology. Today’s computerized flight controllers come complete with algorithms, which allow the user to make “fly decisions” through radio controller sticks. (If unsure of what that means, think of a toy plane and the controller used to operate it).

Guys flying a drone

Another reason drones are simple to fly is due to on-board cameras. Ideal for taking stunning aerial shots otherwise impossible to capture, these cameras also function as a user’s eyes in the sky. The pilot has a first-person perspective when operating his or her drone, though mapping a safe flight by noting obstacles and keeping the vehicle within line of sight is still recommended.

Simplistic Design

Finally, drones fly so well because they feature very few parts. Easy to build if the right equipment is available, all that’s required is the frame, motors, propellers, receiver, ESC’s, flight batteries, and the electronic stabilization system.

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