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The subscription science company, MEL Science, secures funding

MEL Science raises $2.5 million to give kids an innovative way of learning science.

MEL Science raises $2.5 million to give kids an innovative way of learning science.

Remember doing chemistry experiments in science class? Those things were dope, but how much did we really learn from them? Many were just simple tricks that made us feel like mad scientists. Now however, your kids can have fun, and more importantly, educational, science experiments delivered directly to your door.


MEL Science is the team behind the subscription service that sends them out. For $50 a month, MEL will send you two packages containing science experiments centered around a particular theme. The company recently completed a Series A funding round and received $2.5 million from Sistema Venture Capital. The funding will go towards expanding the team, investing in more VR and AR research and tech, and to help launch new products in the physics and biology fields.

Alexei Katkov, President of the Sistema Venture Capital, is stated as saying, “We think MEL Science’s chemistry kits are a product of the future, which perfectly reflects our investment philosophy. We all have children and we want them to get the best education, no matter where in the world they live and what opportunities they have for learning.” In regards to Vassili Philippov, founder of MEL Science, Katkov goes on, “We have known Vassili for many years and we believe in his ability to create companies and lead them to success.”


What helps set MEL apart (which, honestly, there aren’t really any others in the field) is their use of technology to bolster understanding of the experiments. By using the MEL Science app, children can research the steps and watch videos to learn more about projects. The starter kit also comes with a macro lens that can be attached to almost any smartphone or tablet and makes the camera act like a microscope to allow kids to get up close and personal.

Taking it a step further is their VR/AR implementation. The starter kit includes a set of VR goggles (cardboard) that your kids can use to see their science experiments in a never before seen light. This allows a level of immersion unparalleled to other science kits on the market.

As schools perform less and less experiments in the classroom, it’s up to the parents to provide this types of things to help spark the interest and imagination of children. MEL Science does just that, and with this round of funding it will be exciting to see where they go next.

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