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The WINBOT 830 Window Cleaning Robot cleans your windows better than you ever will

With the Winbot 830 Cleaning Robot, cleaning the windows is one less added chore.


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With the Winbot 830 Cleaning Robot, cleaning the windows is one less added chore.

Remember the days of having to whip out a rag and a bucket of water to clean your windows? Well, those days are gone thanks to the Ecovacs Winbot, a windows cleaning robot.

Utilizing smart suctions fans, the Winbot is capable of cleaning surfaces which include vertical glass, frameless or framed glass, horizontal surfaces and more. It’s all very simple too – just stick it to a window and press start and Winbot works its magic. It’s even smart enough to know not to move across window frames thanks to its sensors.

Don’t get it twisted, this windows cleaning robot isn’t only made for windows, it also works great for your walls, shower doors, and a ton of different applications.

Here’s the key features: 

  • Award-winning robotics with a smart suction fan to clean even horizontal surfaces
  • Cleans framed and unframed glass of any thickness – including Thermopane AND frosted or textured glass
  • Pathfinder navigation calculates a custom cleaning path for speed and efficiency, while intelligently avoiding edges and obstacles
  • Simple 3-step operation – Spray, Power On, Start
  • Serious about safety, with powerful dual suction rings, battery backup and a safety pod/tether


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