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This guy transforms his door into a drum-kit with a Mogees sensor

Are you a drummer without a drum-set? Mogee is a sensor that allows you to turn any surface into a drum-kit.

Being a drummer, I find myself tapping everything. Whether it be a table, my knees, or any hard surface, I find I can’t help myself. If I’m sitting idle, you better believe I’m going to practice my craft.

But a new Kickstarter is going to change all of that. They’re going to turn my nervous tick into a full-fledged drum machine. Meet Mogees, it’s a sensor that allows you to map any gesture to a sound, essentially turning anything around you into a musical instrument.

In the video above, you see one of Mogees team members turn his door into a drum kit. He assigns his high-hat to his knuckles, the door handle into the snare drum, and the keys into a ride cymbal. The sensor essentially captures different vibrations for each assigned instruments.

On top of all this, you can hook it up to all of your favorite digital audio software such as Ableton Live, Logic, Garageband, or FL Studio.

To learn more, check out Mogees Kickstarter page.

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