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This guy strapped a jet engine onto a go-kart, and it’s freaking awesome

Ever wonder what happens when you attach a jet engine to a go-kart? Wonder no more, this nut bag did it.

Go-Kar with Jet Engine

Go-karts are cool and all, but you know what’s even cooler? Go-karts with freaking jet engines strapped to them.

Meet Colin Furze, he’s the nut-bag that decided this was a good idea. By the way, this isn’t the first time he’s concocted something up like this. Whether its Wolverine claws or shoes that can walk on metal ceilings, Furze is the guy for the job.

The jet-kart (as Furze calls it) runs on diesel and gas, and is able to reach speeds of up to 60 mph. I haven’t seen a Corolla hit speeds like that. Keep in mind, this is a fucking go-kart.

If you want to learn more how Furze created this bad ass vehicle, head on over to his YouTube page.

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