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This is what it looks like when you destroy a $10,000 gold Apple Watch for fun

Want to see a $10,000 Gold Apple Watch get smashed into pieces? Bokay!

There’s always a little joy seeing someone smash their gadgets into a million pieces, so when I stumbled across this video of some dude pulverizing his $10,000 gold Apple Watch with two neodymium magnets, I was inclined to share it. I mean, who doesn’t to see this type of stuff?

Apparently, YouTubber TechRax feels the same way I as do. This is how he describes the video:

What better way to put the 38mm 18k yellow gold Apple Watch Edition to use then to crush it with 2 powerful neodymium magnets equaling to 650 pounds of force!

So why is he doing this? Who cares! Just enjoy the video and savor the fact that it’s not your $10,000 Apple Watch.

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