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This new humanoid robot shows more emotion than I ever have

The future is super creepy.

robot showing emotions
Image: KnowTechie

As a millennial, I feel almost like it’s my job to have, and show, as little emotion as humanly possible. And that’s probably the main reason why this new robot from UK-based Engineered Arts creeps me out so much.

Just look at that face. Engineered Arts released a short YouTube video earlier this week showcasing its latest AI Humanoid Robot called Ameca. The video is only about 40 seconds long but it contains enough content to haunt your dreams for the next couple of weeks probably.

The video showcases the lifelike movement of Ameca’s arm before the robot suddenly “wakes up” looking surprised to be alive.

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It spends a few seconds examining its opposable thumbs like it’s the next step in the evolutionary chain before showcasing a display of scarily human-like movements and emotions.

Even the random guy working in the background looks scared.

This dystopian nightmare looks like it came straight out of the classic 2004 film iRobot. And if I remember correctly, that story definitely would not have ended well if it wasn’t for Will Smith.

The question is, can the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air save us from Ameca when it inevitably realizes that humans are a plague and decides to take us all out?

Jokes aside, Ameca is an incredibly impressive advancement in AI technology, no matter how insanely creepy it may be. Like it or not, AI and robots are likely going to play a major role in the future of humanity, and there will probably be many more like Ameca in the future.

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