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Google shares a first look at its snack-delivery robot

The robot can understand natural voice commands and handle a few dozen basic tasks.

google snack robot
Image: Google

Google is developing its own robotic assistant with language skills and physical capabilities to help you out around your house. In fact, prototypes of the robot already exist and deliver snacks to Google employees in the office.

Earlier this month, Google’s robotics team showed off a prototype of a robot design they are currently working on (h/t, Reuters).

The robot draws on websites such as Wikipedia and social platforms to develop language AI that can hear and understand commands.

It combines that language knowledge with physical capabilities that allow it to see and navigate. And finally, it has arms that it can use to perform minimal tasks, like fetching a snack and a drink when asked.

Of course, Google’s robots are still early prototypes. They can only perform a few dozen simple commands, and they aren’t fitted with the “OK, Google” summoning feature yet.

“It’s going to take a while before we can really have a firm grasp on the direct commercial impact,” said senior director for robotics research at Google, Vincent Vanhoucke.

google robot getting snacks
Image: Reuters

Still, the robots are pretty impressive. They can understand and interpret commands spoken naturally.

They can even develop a plan of action to complete smaller steps to reach an end goal. It’s like your Google Assistant, but with the ability to perform physical tasks.

The world of AI and robotics continues to expand rapidly, despite concerns of lost privacy that come with them.

Google says it’s being responsible when developing these robots. But it will be interesting to see what consumers think when, or if, that time comes.

Nevertheless, you have to admit that it’s pretty impressive what robotics engineers have been able to come up with with the help of advanced AI. Even it could mean the beginning of a robotic revolution that wipes out all of mankind.

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