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New Google feature lets users launch cloud games from Search

This could help streamline cloud gaming greatly.

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Google is testing out a super cool new feature to help make cloud gaming a more streamlined process. Some users have noticed a new widget that lets them launch cloud games directly from a Google Search.

Cloud gaming reporter Bryant Chappel recently noticed the new feature and shared their findings in a tweet earlier this week. The post shows a quick Google Search for the game Control.

After clicking search, the Google Search page comes up with the familiar synopsis and rating window on the right side.

But what’s new is the addition of a couple of “Play” buttons. Clicking one of the buttons automatically opens the game for you on a cloud gaming website like Google Stadia or Amazon Luna.

This is a really nice feature that helps to eliminate some of the hassles of cloud gaming. And that’s what cloud gaming is all about in the first place.

Cloud gaming directly from a Google Search sounds super simple

The idea of cloud gaming is to streamline the overall gaming process.

There are no lengthy downloads and you don’t have to worry about storage space for some of today’s massive games. You just log in and click play to start gaming.

And with this new integration, the process gets even easier. If the feature ever launches officially, all you’ll have to do is search for the game you want to play in Google Search and click Play from there.

Chappel even confirmed that the feature currently works with Xbox Cloud Gaming as well as Amazon Luna and Google Stadia. It even works for some games on Nvidia GeForce Now.

Of course, you’ll still need a subscription to your cloud gaming service of choice. And the feature is currently in the early stages and not available to everyone.

We tested it for ourselves and didn’t see any of the play buttons when searching for games known to be available on these services.

But if this feature ever does make its way to the public, it could be a huge step forward for cloud gaming in general.

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