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Google Assistant adds new ‘Look and Talk’ feature and quick phrases

The Nest Hub Max just got better.

google nest hub look and talk
Image: Google

As part of the Google I/O 2022 developers conference, the company has shared some new improvements to its Google Assistant devices. Fans of Google’s Nest Hub Max can expect a new Look and Talk feature.

Additionally, Google Assistant will get some new quick phrases and improved listening.

The new Look and Talk feature is starting to roll out today for Nest Hub Max users. The feature hopes to make it easier to interact with your Google Assistant device.

Instead of having to say “Hey Google” every time you want to activate your Nest Hub Max, Look and Talk lets you activate the device just by looking and talking (imagine that).

The Nest Hub Max uses a combination of voice and facial recognition to recognize that it’s you when you use the Look and Talk feature. No more “Hey Google” every time you need the Assistant to complete another task for you.

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Beyond Look and Talk, Google Assistant is getting a few additional upgrades. First of all, Google is adding several new quick phrases that you can ask your Google Assistant without having to use the “Hey Google” activation.

new quick phrases for google assistant
Image: Google

And you can enable or disable any of the available quick phrases to customize your Google Assistant however you want.

Finally, Google Assistant is getting some improvements to its listening capabilities. The AI is getting better at active listening, with the ability to pick out “umms” and pauses in human language. The Assistant will even nudge you along gently when you’re caught stumbling on your words.

Look and Talk is starting to roll out to Nest Hub Max users now, with the other improvements coming in the next few months. Stay tuned to KnowTechie for more news from Google’s annual developer conference.

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