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Trailmakers is a vehicle-building exploration game with influences from games like Besiege

If you liked Besiege, then Trailmakers is worth checking out.

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Did you play Besiege? Did you like the idea of building machines to accomplish tasks and goals? Did you want more direction or big picture goals? Then Trailmakers might be right up your alley.

Trailmakers takes a lot of what makes Besiege so fun and makes it easier. Building in the game is streamlined and you’ll be driving your custom cars in no time. Building aircraft is a bit more difficult, but the game does an excellent job of easing you into the idea of building. Our time with the game had us building simple vehicles to get from Point A to Point B, and it never felt like a chore.

Sandbox mode allows gamers to flex their creative muscle and make whatever their little hearts’ desire. I didn’t get much chance to actually play in the sandbox, but the team showed me some of the inventions other players had made and quite a few of them were impressive. From biplanes and big trucks to replica pod racers, people have obviously been having a lot of fun with the Steam Early Access title. And with multiplayer availability, possibilities open up for many great times with friends.

Trailmakers is part creative vehicle-building sandbox, and part open-world rally expedition. You begin your journey on a distant planet far from civilization, and must scavenge for resources to build a vehicle. Your goal is to reach the finish line at the far end of the world! Build an awesome rig, and experience the wind in your hair and a sweet rush of freedom.

Will it set the world on fire? Probably not, but if you liked Besiege and playing with LEGO when you were younger, then it might be worth your time.

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