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Twitter replaces the bird logo with “X”

No one will call it this.

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Twitter is going to look a lot different moving forward. The company is rebranding as “X.”

After Elon Musk’s acquisition, Twitter has undergone many changes, including company leadership, tweet reading limits, verified accounts, and more. 

But the new Musk regime is gunning straight for the Twitter branding itself. Early Monday morning, Twitter started replacing the blue bird logo with an “X” logo.

The new branding also appears on Twitter’s homepage as a profile picture for its official @Twitter account.

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The company hasn’t completely removed the bird logo from its servers. It still appears as the website’s favicon and is currently used in the mobile app. This is a surprising result of Elon Musk’s sudden rebranding announcement yesterday.

Musk tweeted, “Soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.” Bidding farewell to the modern Twitter bird.

Twitter’s blue bird is no more

According to Twitter’s history, the modern Twitter bird is actually the company’s second logo. The first logo was “Larry the Bird,” which served till 2012. 

The successor of “Larry the Bird” was the modern Twitter bird logo, designed by Martin Grasser with Todd Waterbury and Angy Che. 

Twitter’s co-founder picked out the final bird design, and the former CEO picked it out almost immediately from 24 potential options. 

The logo was constructed from 15 overlaid circles. According to Grasser, it helped with the logo’s legibility. However, the bird was more than just a logo. It perfectly fits in with Twitter’s service. Twitter is the “Bird,” and you can post on the applications by tapping the feather icon called “Tweets.” 

Twitter’s new “X” logo 

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Meanwhile, Musk calls the new logo an “interim X logo,” suggesting it will be changed or refined over time

The new logo was submitted by Sawyer Merritt, who said in his submission that he based the new logo on a font he found online

The thinking behind the new logo is exactly the opposite of Twitter’s previous logo. There was a deep thought process involved with the previous logo that coincided with its service. In contrast, they came with the now logo out of nowhere.  


Since the company is now X, Merritt, the logo’s designer, asked Musk, “What are tweets called now?” Musk replied, “X’s.” The same happened when famed YouTuber MKBHD. He wrote, “I’m still gonna call it Twitter.” Musk replied, “Not for long.”

“Not for long,” is something I assume most Twitter users will say about using the service.

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