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Ugh, Apple’s uploaded a U2 album to your iPhone

Music fans from all over are upset that a U2 album was uploaded into their iCloud by Apple. Even worse, it’s not so easy to delete.

Tim Cook and Bono

Tim Cook and Bono

That’s it, Apples gone too far. They stepped over the proverbial line.

If you look at your iTunes account, U2’s latest album may be sitting in there, waiting for you to ignore or drop it like a bad habit.

If you’re like me, deleting the album is your top priority. Bad news, deleting it may be difficult.

According to TechCrunch, “Sadly you cannot totally purge the songs from your iTunes account. You can only hide the songs from the local iTunes account, but they will continue to live for all eternity on your iCloud”.


You’re probably wondering how U2 got mixed up in all this? The sad fact is that Apple had U2 perform at their big unveiling to help promote U2’s latest release Songs of Innocence.  Tim Cook claimed the album release the largest in history, which is true when you force feed it down people’s throat.

I for one am glad, I don’t not own an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.


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