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Waiting for USB-C? Go for dio Cables!

USB is a great technology that has, without a doubt, revolutionized computing. Nowadays almost every device, gadget or peripheral uses USB connectors, going from a simple pen drive to an external hard drive, printers, and many other hardware.

However, recently people have been getting a bit excited with USB-C, a new type of USB that is on the works – this excitation has grown especially since Apple announced that the new MacBook will feature a single USB-C port. This new USB type uses the USB 3.1 specification (twice as fast as the 3.0 one), but comes with a reversible connector, meaning that it can be plugged with any of the two sides facing up, unlike what happens now.

However, and while USB-C is not widely distributed, there is an alternative that is now (almost) available: let’s meet the dio Naked Reversible USB cables.

Developed by moopti, who launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign that, with 3 days to go, has reached almost $40,000 (way more than the initial $5,000 goal), these cables are reversible and built with premium quality, shipping with versions for Lightning and Mini-USB connectors.

Using a patented reversible USB, dio cables eliminate the current 50% chances of plugging a USB cable the right way into a port – by being reversible, these cables can be plugged either way, so they are always plugged the right way. They have a clean naked USB tip, which helps for this reversibility.

But these are really premium quality cables, a notch above regular competition. They are built with anodized aluminum casings and a durable and tangle-free braided nylon, which boosts their durability. dio cables also ship in several colors, which buyers can choose in order to match their own personal taste.

Even though the dio’s Kickstarter campaign is nearing its end, be sure to take a lot at it and, if desired, pledge in order to get these great cables for a competitive price, before they hit the market with full-power.

24 y/o, born and living in Portugal. Majored in Biology, but tech and computers were always a passion. Wrote for sites like Windows.Appstorm and MakeTechEasier.

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