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Watch this guy school you on drums…..on an iPad

Most drummers need a place to practice their drums, but not this guy. He rocks drums on an iPad and it’s amazing!

iPad Drumming

Being a drummer these days has gotten a lot easier thanks to technology. There’s everything from electronic drumsets all the way to drum synthesizers. You can literally create drum tracks without never leaving the comfort of your warm bed, but the way it worked 30 years ago was a whole different story.

Back in the day, you only had a few options to practice your drums. It was either in a practice space/studio, or in your home or apartment. Most of the time it would have to be in a practice space or studio, because we all know how loud drums can be.

Growing up as a drummer myself, my parents would NEVER let me have a kit in our home, so I had to improvise. This meant pulling pots and pans together, or even just air-drumming. In most cases, I always ended up air-drumming because the last thing I wanted to do was leave out ammo for my mom.

I’ve had my fair share of pots and pats hurled at me. And no, it wasn’t because I sucked. It was because I was ruining my mom’s pots and pans.

Back to the point here: as drummers, we’re always thinking of new ways to master our craft, and sometimes that means re-learning our skills all over again.

For the perfect example of what I’m talking about here, let me direct your attention over to the Appleman’s` YouTube channel.

“I’m actuary (sic) a drummer. Unfortunately I don’t have my drumset at home. cause of the sound, not enough space, can’t afford them with zildjian cymbals anyway… Then, I taught (sic) myself, wait a minute I got my iPad & GarageBand! Why not! Let’s do some iPad Rock!!”

Well, you heard the man! Let’s do some iPad Rock!!!!!

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