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WhiteHat Jr. is teaching millions of kids to code through one-on-one classes

Hey kids, time to make that app

whitehat jr coding classes
Image: WhiteHat Jr.

If you have kids, then you know what a debacle school has been this year. With the pandemic, most schools closed early and opened late. Many of them offered virtual options that have delivered mixed results. Some schools have seen COVID outbreaks that forced closures, whereas others have been generally fine. Wear a freaking mask. Some kids are fine with limited schooling, and others need something to help them grow and learn. Now is the time for learning programs like WhiteHat Jr. to shine.

WhiteHat Jr. is a pay-to-play enterprise that does offer a one-week free trial then moves to pricing as low as $29 per class. As the name implies, WhiteHat Jr. teaches coding through an online virtual learning center with one-on-one live classes. It offers engaging classes where kids learn to build games, improve their logic and abstract thinking, and well, learn to freaking code. And every single one of the 5,000+ teachers are women.

With 2,500,000 total registered students, WhiteHat Jr. is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the world, after having launched in March in the U.S. and acquired by EdTech company BYJU’s in August. It offers several curriculum levels at different price structures from beginner (first grade) to Applied Tech (grade 10+) with certifications along the way.

Since the world is moving to an all-remote workforce, it’ll also create the space for development jobs that some of these kids could be picking up before they are old enough to throw an electric car into drive. There are a ton of success stories that highlight the fact that kids are getting shit done and coded.

When I was eight, I couldn’t code. Hell, I could barely walk straight without falling down or over something. Yet, if you look at the success stories, there are eight-year-olds building vision testing apps. A nine-year-old created an anti-bullying app. A seven-year-old coded a sign language app. The point is that with one-on-one lessons and a very kid-friendly UI, WhiteHat Jr. is creating a new generation of coders and app builders who will easily find their way in this messed up world. Hell, maybe Josiah can sign up and learn to code his app that he pitched me in Slack.

“We want to turn kids into creators of technology, rather than just consumers, and kids in the U.S. are eager to learn how to code,” said Karan Bajaj, Founder and CEO of WhiteHat Jr. “We have already seen so much interest that we will run a hackathon called E-Silicon Valley at the end of October to help these talented, young coders succeed, and we look forward to continuing our success and growth in this market.”

While so many kids are struggling to stay focused and interested during remote learning, this app creates an environment that keeps millions of kids engaged with the material they are learning but gives them the tools to ignore the future of education.

That is, why bother with COVID-infected colleges that focus on draining your parent’s bank account when you can just make an app that eventually gets purchased by Google for a few million dollars? That’s the dream, right? Learn to code, sell your app, make bank. It’s 2020; kids have that dream too. How else are they going to grow up to become dinosaurs?

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