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YouTube’s adding a new Explore feature on select iOS devices for easier discovery

This will be a new feature, and not replacing the Trending tab already on the site.

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YouTube is currently in the process of rolling out a new Explore feature to select iPhone users. Though it sounds similar, YouTube claims the new tool isn’t replacing the Trending tab, but instead “will help you discover more videos, topics, and channels that you might not otherwise see,” according to a Twitter post.

As YouTube explains, the new Explore tab is intended to become a new outlet where users can find content from creators of all sizes. It continues,

This is an experimental feature, so only a small group of people using the YouTube app on iPhones will see the Explore tab in the bottom navigation. If you’re part of the test group, you’ll see that all content from Trending now exists in a section of Explore (so Trending isn’t going away!).

If you’re testing out the Explore tab, we’d love to hear what you think! Send us any comments and suggestions directly from the YouTube app using our Feedback tool. Steps: from the top right, tap the profile icon, Help and Feedback, tap Send feedback.

I’m all for YouTube wanting to make it easier for us to find awesome content. Still, this sounds a little bit like overkill, especially if the Trending tab on the service remains. My best bet is Explore will eventually replace Trending — assuming the upcoming tests show users like the new one better.

YouTube didn’t announce when the new tab would roll out to all iOS users or whether Android users would also be testing the feature at a later date.

What do you think? Should YouTube tinker with its search tools or leave everything the same? Let us know below. 

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