In a new support page first noted by Android Police, Google maps out the rules behind the new feature. Specifically, it prohibits creators from adding misleading tags or adding ones that are meant to harass or humiliate a group or individual. Hashtags that promote anything that’s sexual or violent are also prohibited. YouTube notes it will pull down videos that violate those policies.

To use hashtags to find videos you can either search the site for a hashtag or click on a hashtag in a video title, above a video title, or in the video description.

To add hashtags to your videos, enter a hashtag in the video’s title or description. For example, #knowtechie or #youtube.

Google hasn’t announced whether hashtag support will also arrive on YouTube for iOS, although I would expect it to at some point in the near future.

Are you happy seeing YouTube finally add hashtag support, or is this overkill? Let us know below. 

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