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YouTube pushes out new feature for copyrighted music

Looks like YouTube is making things a bit easier for anyone looking to upload copyrighted music.


In an effort to reduce the amount copyrighted music being uploaded in the form of videos, YouTube is now giving its users a new feature called the YouTube Audio Library. This way you know what happens to the music in your video before it publishes.

In the past, if you uploaded a video with copyrighted music, YouTube would take the video down without ever giving you a reason. YouTube has its own system in place for this called the Content ID service, which automatically scans for copyrighted tracks and blasts them into oblivion.

With the YouTube Audio Library, that’s all changed.

“Starting today, you can search the YouTube Audio Library to determine how using a particular track in your video will affect it on YouTube, specifically if it will stay live on YouTube or if any restrictions apply. You can uncross those uploading fingers now!”

Let’s say you made a video with the annoying hit from Charli XCX; all you have to do is search Boom Clap (aka boom crap) in the YouTube Audio Library, and you’ll notice the screen below. Basically, you’ll notice a new screen that shows what will happen if you upload a video with this song.

YouTubeYouTube announced that the feature will roll out today. So go ahead and start searching those tracks – this way you’re not surprised when anything silly happens.

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