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The Zeus Smite is the best affordable introduction to portable vaporizers

Looking for a great introductory portable vaporizer without breaking the bank? The Zeus Smite may be your best option.

Zeus Smite
Image: Daniel Cid

When it came to the Zeus Smite, I wasn’t really sure what to expect because of the low price tag. At about $130, it’s definitely on the low side, but don’t let the price tag fool you. With the Smite, you’ll get your moneys worth, it’s no wonder it is a top seller. If you’re interested in getting into the wonderful world of vaping, the Smite might be the best option to get you started without breaking the bank.

Here’s what’s in the box:

  • Smite vaporizer
  • Power adaptor and cable
  • Instructional manual
  • Mouthpiece screen (2)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Packing tool

First Impression:


The Smite comes in a small box that looks similar to a smartphones packaging, rather than a vaporizer. At first glance, the Smite resembles a portable power bank due to its discreet appearance. The device seems well-built and designed to offer top-notch performance. If I were to guess off my first impressions, The Smite looks very easy to use, which is good because it allows any beginner to  jump right into without having to go through the tedious learning process.


The shell of the device is made up of mostly aluminum with two plastic sliding doors at each end. It has an all black design that makes is very inconspicuous. On the bottom there is the first sliding door where you’ll find the removal mouthpiece. On the top of the Smite is another sliding door which reveals the ceramic heating chamber. This is also where you would screw in the mouthpiece.

On the left side of the unit, you’ll find the power button, which also acts as the temperature control button. One thing that immediately got my attention was a small light housed inside of the heating chamber which helps you see if your material is spent. This feature is something you don’t even see on some of the higher end vaporizers.



The Smite provides three heating temperatures:

  • Low – 385° Fahrenheit
  • Medium – 399° Fahrenheit
  • High – 414° Fahrenheit

Pressing the power button 5 times in a row will get things started, which will start your off at its lowest temperature setting. To toggle through the other two heat settings, simply press and hold the power button for 3 seconds and it will cycle you to the next temperature settings. The power button glows different colors to indicate which heat setting you’re currently on.

One of the key features of the Smite is its powerful battery, which lasts about 3 hours! If this thing had a micro USB you could literary vape and charge your phone at the same time with the juice this thing provides.

When it comes to the heating chamber, the only down fall is that it’s very small. I did find myself having to fill it more than usual, compared to other portable vaporizers.

The bottom of the mouthpiece houses a small silver ring that gets really hot. So I would be careful to not touch it while the device is turned on.

The Smite comes with a screw in mouthpiece that has a silicone top. At first I thought it may interfere with the quality of the vapor, but I was wrong. The vapor quality is above average. Once you are done vaping, you simply remove the mouthpiece and tuck it away. To turn the Smite off you simply tap 5 times on the power button. It’s that simple.

And if it were to malfunction, it does come with a one year warranty. The Smite is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Vapor Quality:


The Smite does not have a lot of resistance, which works will to offer quality vapor sessions. But due to its small chamber, you’ll find yourself having to repack your material pretty often. If you are more of a taste type of user, you’ll want to use the Smite at the lowest temperature setting. If you’re more interested in the amount of vapor you get, the high setting maybe just right for you. I found that the medium setting works just right. It gives you amazing flavor, while providing enough a consistent cloud of vape. The mouthpiece on the Smite is heat-resistant, so you won’t have any additional taste or flavor to your vapor.


Final Verdict:

The Smite provides an all around good experience for an affordable price. It has some decent features, like 3 heating settings and a ceramic heating element. It also provides a good amount of battery life that will [letsreview postid=”45444″]out perform more expensive vaporizers in the market today for half the price. The only downfall I found with the Smite was the size of the heating chamber being on the small size. But for someone interested in getting a good all around quality vaporizer without breaking the bank. You may want to consider the Smite for your first vaporizer.

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