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3 little-known websites for finding new hobbies

Bored? Looking for some websites for finding new hobbies? We’ll highlight three that just flew on our radar.

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Feeling like you have a little too much free time to work with? Solving that problem is as easy as looking for inspiration on websites that help people discover new hobbies.

Below, we’ll examine three such internet destinations designed for hobbyists. All of them aren’t well-known yet, but they just may become your new favorites.

1. Craftsman Ave.

If you’d like to get immersed in a new hobby that allows you to jump right in and start creating, the Craftsman Ave. website is a great place to start. It connects craft lovers with expert artisans in Brooklyn, New York. The Craftsman Ave. website is a place built on the belief that people learn by doing. Right now, the site is offering an introduction to woodworking workshop.

The site works on a membership basis. During your first visit, it’s a good idea to try a daily pass. Then, if you really thrive in your chosen class and love the idea of trying out your new hobby in a dedicated, well-equipped space, a monthly membership is a good investment to consider.

The potential downside of this website is it’s geographically specific. However, there are other options for learning similar skills, including the other websites mentioned in this post.

2. Hobby Club

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Describing itself as “an awesome community of learners and doers,” Hobby Club is a fantastically diverse website that introduces participants to one new activity every month.

Hobby Club originated about two years ago and, since then, has been delighting crafters each month. However, it is reportedly undergoing changes this year.

To make sure you’re fully in the loop, consider signing up soon, rolling up your sleeves and anxiously anticipating what the next month might bring. Hobby Club has a strong Instagram presence and often depends on the social-based graphics site to offer hobby previews for participants.

3. Craftsy

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Think of Craftsy as a place for creatives on modest budgets. All classes take place online, so your location won’t act as a potential barrier to learning. The diversity of available classes is a strong selling point for this site, besides the low class prices. All classes are less than $20, and you can pick from subjects such as baking, crocheting and woodworking.

Many of the classes also focus on the supplies needed for certain craft projects instead of just the respective techniques. Those are good resources if you’re just getting started and want to begin building up an inventory of the items needed to whip up cool projects from your bedroom, home studio or other location.

If you’re a visual learner, make sure to check out Craftsy’s collection of free videos. Many capitalize on themes inspired by seasons, certain disciplines and more.

After browsing these sites and discovering the creative projects they collectively offer, you should have no trouble honing at least a few hobbies. Whether you want to get better at a hobby you tried a few years ago and loved or prefer to try something entirely new, these websites highlight hobbies for people of all interests.

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