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4 different applications of machine learning that are revolutionizing society as we know it 

Machine learning can improve the quality of our work and social lives! It’s a fascinating concept that has a lot of room for growth. 

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Machine Learning (ML) is an up-and-coming concept in the field of artificial intelligence. It involves a combination of algorithms and models that computers use to carry out specific tasks. 

Under ML, computers don’t need explicit instructions to perform the tasks that humans want them to. Instead, they use sample data to make predictions or decisions without being programmed to carry out an assignment.   

This revolutionary concept is used in all types of industries. It’s changing the way we use the Internet. It has also altered how we conduct business, as companies like BairesDev create custom software so businesses can take advantage of ML. Check out the following 4 different applications of machine learning that are revolutionizing our society.  

Virtual Personal Assistants 

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Image: Unsplash

Most people aren’t strangers to the luxury of virtual personal assistants. While some of these technologies haven’t been released within the last year, they are continually being updated to meet human needs.  

Machine learning is an important element of virtual personal assistants. ML allows these assistants to better collect information that a user provides them. Later on, a user can view results from a virtual assistant that is more customized to them.  

Virtual assistants are built into platforms, including the Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers. Consumers also have access to these assistants on their smartphones. Virtual assistants like Siri and Bixby all allow you to navigate your phone via voice commands.  


Machine learning in manufacturing increases both production speed and workforce productivity. By incorporating ML into manufacturing machines, companies have lowered downtime and overall labor costs.

One company that’s using ML in its manufacturing process is General Electric. General Electric manufactures a variety of products ranging from home appliances to large industrial equipment. The company uses a “Brilliant Manufacturing Suite” to link every part of the manufacturing process into one global system. 

GE has over 500 factories located in countries all around the world. The company still has a long way to go in converting them all into smart factories, but it’s taking large strides to get there. Some other manufacturing companies getting on board with ML include Siemens, KUKA, and Fanuc. 

Social Media

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Image: Flickr

We all have used social media at one point or another. Its addictive nature tends to rein us in for hours at a time. Social media captures users’ attention through machine learning. ML lets Facebook and other platforms customize your news feed and display effective ads.

Another example of ML on social media is the use of facial recognition. When you upload a picture, and Facebook recognizes your friends’ faces, machine learning is in effect. From there, Facebook will use facial recognition to connect you with others on the platform. This leads to better overall user experience. 

Online Customer Support

The final application of ML we will discuss is its presence in online customer support chats. Not all companies want to hire a live person to answer customer inquiries. It requires time and resources to train someone to become an expert on all aspects of a company. 

A popular alternative has become the implementation of live chatbots. These bots extract website content via machine learning. From there, they use the information to answer customers’ live questions. With time, chatbots improve the quality of their answers. Their versatile algorithms help them better understand customers’ questions as they answer more of them. 


There are many more practical applications of machine learning to be discovered. However, we hope that this list has opened your eyes to this field of AI. As you have witnessed, ML can improve the quality of our work and social lives! It’s a fascinating concept that has a lot of room for growth. 

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