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5 free Zoom alternatives without a 40-minute limit

Is Zoom’s 40-minute time limit too restricting? You have options.

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Image: KnowTechie

While the free version of Zoom is great for one-on-one meetings and short group sessions, any large gathering that exceeds 40 minutes will abruptly end. That’s why it’s time to look at the best Zoom alternatives.

Sure, you could go ahead and purchase a premium version of the service, but most of us are in the habit of trading our souls—or our data—for free stuff. Luckily, you have multiple unpaid options to choose from.

Let’s discuss five free video meeting apps that laugh in the face of Zoom’s 40-minute limit.

1. Jitsi Meet

jitsi meeting software
Image: KnowTechie

Jitsi Meet is a free Zoom alternative that allows you to meet for a truly unlimited amount of time. Rooms can hold up to 100 participants, and no one—aside from your victims—will try to stop you from holding marathon meetings.

On desktop, you’ll need to use the web app. However, downloadable mobile applications are available for iOS and Android. As one of few completely unlimited free options on the market, Jitsi Meet is a formidable meeting service.

2. RingCentral Video Pro

ringcentral video call homescreen
Image: KnowTechie

RingCentral Video Pro is another free app that offers practically unlimited meeting time for up to 100 participants. Technically, a 24-hour limit does apply but if your session has lasted that long, being booted out will feel like a blessing.

The developer offers a web app as well as downloadable options for desktop and mobile. If your meetings generally run under 24 hours, RingCentral may be ideal.

3. Facebook Messenger Rooms

facebook messenger video call screen
Image: KnowTechie

Facebook Messenger Rooms is another Zoom alternative that offers totally unlimited time for up to 50 participants. Although the product is more aimed at casual gatherings, the app is still viable for formal business meetings and anything else that involves group video chat.

Conveniently, participants don’t need to have a Facebook account to join, so those who aren’t on social media don’t need to miss out. At this stage, Rooms isn’t available as a downloadable application. However, the web app works well on both desktop and mobile.

4. Google Meet

google meet screen showing video call
Image: KnowTechie

Google Meet offers slightly longer session times than the free edition of Zoom, forcibly releasing participants at the one-hour mark.

On desktop, you’ll need to access the service via your browser, but mobile applications are available for Android and iOS. Google Meet is a simple solution when you want your meetings to end at a reasonable time.

5. Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams interface
Image: KnowTechie

Microsoft Teams is another free Zoom alternative with a strict one-hour limit. Downloadable desktop and mobile applications are available, and participants will need a Microsoft account to use the service. If you’re using a supported browser—Edge or Chrome—you can also access meetings via the web.

When the prospect of unlimited meeting times is too much to handle, Microsoft Teams and its one-hour maximum can help ease the burden.

What’s the best free group meeting app?

If most of your meetings run under 40 minutes, Zoom is a viable option. However, if you want a squeeze a little more time out of your participants—up to one hour—Google Meet or Microsoft Teams may be more your style.

But if your meetings often seem endless, Jitsi Meet, RingCentral, or Facebook Rooms will grant you the time needed to really get your point across.

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Matt is an Australian writer with a degree in creative and critical writing. Prior to commencing his studies, he worked in tech support and gained valuable insights into technology and its users. He is also an editor and author coach at Dean Publishing.

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1 Comment

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