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5 industries making massive advances in technology that you should keep an eye on

As long as you keep your eye out, you’ll see that more and more advances in technology in a variety of industries are being implemented by the day

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Technology is an exciting phenomenon, something that’s been getting more and more advanced as society progresses. Ever since the industrial revolution, technological advances have exploded. It seems that every year there are more unique inventions than in the previous year. If you’re a fan of technology, you’re constantly being updated with new content to get excited about. But simultaneously, that leaves a lot for you to keep up with. 

If you’re lost as to how to keep up with technology, try focusing on specific industries. Every industry has been positively influenced by the industrial revolution, however it’s tricky to put your attention to all of them. Focus on one or a few to get started, whether it’s one of the five listed below is up to you. 

Vape Production 

Since bursting on the scene a few years ago, vaping has become a hotbed of new technological advancements. Companies like RELX have been hiring inventors and engineers to craft a vape device that makes for a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. The technology comes in the devices themselves. Businesses are also making coils out of material that gets hotter quicker and doesn’t leave a burnt taste in the mouth of vapers. 


The invention of cars took modern humanity to the next level. The freedom that comes with a set of wheels on the road is unmatched in society. As new cars come out every year, the technology makes vehicles more and more user friendly. From back-up cameras to completely audio-based interface systems, the automobile industry has been advancing technology since the beginning. 


Whether you’ve been a Disney fan since birth, or your kids are now getting into the newer cartoon movies, you’ll notice a massive difference in the animation technology from the first films to the present-day ones. When it comes to technology advancing, many people don’t think about the industry of animators crafting content for children, families, and adults. The technology behind the art has to do with making animation smoother and making the art look more realistic. 

In the beginning, artists had to draw every panel and splice the photos together in a studio. Nowadays, with the assistance of computers, animators can craft beautiful content with more time to spend on getting the fine details right. 


Though a bit more mundane than the previous industries mentioned, manufacturing is a great industry to watch for their use of technology. The beauty of this specific sector of work is in the variety of technology that is utilized. Robots are used to help human engineers and workers get products crafted faster and with less of a margin of error. The use of the machines allows for the humans to handle higher-level tasks and increase productivity for themselves and their companies. 

Plus, you can also watch the products that the manufacturing companies are creating. How are they adding new technologies and making the items more efficient and easier to use? You’ll be surprised at the massive advances that you become privy to. 


Aerospace, as an industry, has been the leading push in many technological advancements since the need for air and space vehicles grew. Though seemingly unrelated, aerospace advancements have led to a lot of growth in the health industry, such as structural health monitoring and prognostics. Plus, 3D printing wouldn’t be possible without the engineers at the prominent aerospace institutions. 

You’ll Find Tech Advances in Unlikely Places

As long as you keep your eye out, you’ll see that more and more advances in technology in a variety of industries are being implemented by the day – and this won’t slow down soon. If you’re looking for a job in tech, now’s never been a better time, as you can work across any sector and get involved in their progress.  

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