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5 technology trends that are here to stay

The following are five tech trends that don’t seem to be going anywhere.

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There are few things that change as rapidly as technology and predicting what will and won’t succeed is a difficult task. However difficult predicting the future of tech is, in the last year there have been some notable trends that have emerged and these trends look very likely to stay due to the changes we’ve all experienced during the pandemic.

Interested to hear more about these trends? The following are five tech trends that don’t seem to be going anywhere.


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Remote Software

Finding ways to allow people to work from home has led to a boom in the popularity of remote software. Having had to work from home for long periods of time, employees and employers are now more aware of work life balances and the money and time that can be saved by working from home. As the technology grows and improves, it will begin to offer more advantages and become even more commonplace.

Convenience Economy

Although the convenience economy has been around a long time, there was still some hesitancy by some to fully embrace it due to fears around its use or their lack of knowledge. The global pandemic and the restrictions it brought about forced people into using food delivery services and online shopping services. With the awareness of the convenience these services can bring to a person’s lifestyle, and the familiarity users have gained, this is a trend that will never disappear. 


Paying by contactless technology is not new but it previously had its limits, and there were also fears from those less familiar with it about how it could be misused. In the last year, it has become a necessity, with banks upping contactless limits on cards and more and more people choosing to pay via technology on their phones. The convenience of not having to carry cash around and the introduction of new technology to make contactless payments more secure will only increase its usage all over the world.

Online Learning

In the last year, the world of online learning has exploded. Out of necessity, many students have had to sign up to online classes. However inconvenient it may seem; it has also opened up possibilities for people around the world to come together and learn.

Language learning especially benefits from online technology, providing people with opportunities to practice languages they may not have otherwise learned. Teaching methods have improved with more practice and, as a cost-cutting way to both teach and learn, remote learning will become more prominent in people’s lives.

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