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5 things you can do with video apps you might have not known about

There’s a ton of things you can do with video apps, here’s 5 not so obvious uses.


When individuals these days are starting to view technology and the real world applications, sometimes there are actual efficiency savers and real benefits, but sometimes there are just cool applications that look new without doing much. Some technologies are just the newest thing but don’t have a real payback and that is why some businesses are skeptical to make the switch.

When you then account for the switching costs it can be even more difficult and time consuming. However, with a technology such as video conferencing the benefits continue to add up constantly which is why some of the following items are the reason that so many are making the switch.

Allows Individuals Everywhere to Connect

Not only do you have the power of bringing in people from anywhere due to the absence of geographical borders thanks to video conferencing, but the technology barriers disappear as well. Working across platforms has never been easier when you can have one meeting participant in the business office with another on their smart phone, another working through Facebook at their home computer, and still others connecting via different platforms and in different locations. The best benefit of video conferencing is that people from all backgrounds and styles are able to come together, and according to Teen Ink there are more people than you could possible imagine who can help your organization grow. You just need to look past the surface to include them.

Bring Non Technology People into The World of Tech

Just because an older generation may not embrace technology by themselves, the fact of the matter is they still are in love with it. Once they can understand the system, can read the blueprints for how it works, and are able to make everything come together in their head, then they will not only jump onboard the video conferencing system, they will start to embrace other technologies as well. Thankfully, tools like the video conferencing service for IT by BlueJeans are very easy systems to use as well as to get on-board with initially. It is for this exact reason that so many organizations are falling in love with the video conferencing system and bringing things together as a result.

Run Entire Town Hall Meetings

While individuals like to get involved with government, speaker series, and even information sessions, the world is a busy place with too many things to do. People simply can’t get out of work quick enough, find the babysitter in time, or even be able to drive long distances in inclement weather to be able to participate. That is why when you consider the large scale capabilities of video conferencing you can host a meeting in a town hall setting, but still have equal participation from those who wish to log in online as well.

Makes People Work Better Together

Just because you aren’t stuck in the same office hallway as someone doesn’t mean you won’t still be able to see them. And, in some instances, there are actually more opportunities for individuals to be able to collaborate with others if you have a strong video conferencing system than you would see if you had only physical interactions and face to face meetings.

The fact of the matter is when you have a large organization of several dozen or several hundred people, not everyone has the time to physically walk all the way down to someone else’s office for each and every instance that something occurs. It is therefore far more likely to get collaboration for projects when the collaboration itself will only take a few seconds to connect. And, according to Nutcache, if you cannot have significant collaboration in the workplace then why are you even bringing people into an office in the first place?   

Use Interactive Data

Just because you are going to have people in a meeting, it does not mean that the meeting needs to stop there. Between the different aspects of data tracking, learning can occur after a given session due to the fact that everything is recorded and capable of being reviewed at a later time. This means you can study the actual analytics and then have the chance to analyze what meetings work best what strategies happen to work most often, and how customers and clients respond to certain interactions.

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate any of these tools or any of the other ones that are available with video conferencing, the truth of the matter is you can become more effective in both your sales and your service when you have the chance to tap into higher level tools. The only thing you need to be confident in is how to use them, and with the user friendly technology that is out there today you can be up to speed in no time.

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