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5 things you should know before buying a BLUETTI B230 or B300

Have questions about BLUETTI’s B230 or B300? Here’s everything you should know.

promo image showcasing bluetti power week 2022
Image: Bluetti

Electricity is the world’s most widely used form of energy today, and it has become a necessity for many aspects of life.

In the summer, especially if there is extreme heat, a power outage can be catastrophic, even if it is a brief one.

To ease the rising electricity tension this summer, BLUETTI is hosting its annual Power Week from August 18 to August 28.

But first, let’s learn more about the company’s B230 and B300 power stations and everything you should know before purchasing one. 

Meet the all-new B230 and B300 BLUETTI power stations

AC200MAX+B230: All Comes From the Sun
Image: Bluetti

In addition to being independent power sources, the B230 and B300 also offer multiple outputs for your charging needs. Ports include 1 18W USB-A, 1 100W PD3.0 Type-C, and 1 12V/10A cigarette lighter. 

The B300’s MPPT allows a maximum of 200W solar input. Alternatively, the B230 and B300 can reach up to 500W AC input rates when using the T500 adapter.

BLUETTI‘s magic sharing box: The D050S (DC Charging Enhancer)

The B230 and B300 can be leveraged to their full potential when teamed up with the D050S.

In addition to 12/24V car charging and lead-acid batteries, AC power can also be used for recharging. Additionally, the AC200MAX can boost 1400W of solar input. 

An inverter’s idle draw can significantly reduce the discharge efficiency of a Pure DC Solar Generator. One BLUETTI product is enough to supply any outdoor enthusiast with power. 

High Compatibility – Not just for the AC200MAX or AC300.

guy grilling using a bluetti ac200max power portable station
Image: Bluetti

The B230 and B300 were announced alongside the AC200MAX and AC300.

Compatible with other units such as the AC200, AC200P, and EB150 (all sold separately), you can connect your D050S to these and other compatible devices. 

LiFePO4 – The safest and most durable battery chemistry

BLUETTI power stations feature the latest LiFePO4 technology for safety and durability.

B230 and B300 provide better electrochemical performance, lower resistance, and more stable cathode materials than other NCM-based products found on the market. 

Take advantage of these options and bundle packages during BLUETTI’s Power Week 2022

About Bluetti

Image: Bluetti

With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future through green energy storage solutions for indoor and outdoor use while delivering an exceptional eco-friendly experience for everyone and the world.

BLUETTI is making its presence in 70+ countries and is trusted by millions of customers across the globe. For more information, please visit BLUETTI online at https://www.bluettipower.com/

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