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7 latest trends in web hosting

Here’s what you need to know.

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The web hosting industry and environment keeps evolving with time. The protocols, software, and hardware keep getting upgraded to meet the ever-changing needs of websites and their visitors. New trends in hosting allow you, as the website owner, and your target audience to benefit in multiple ways.

Free website hosting has been a big trend for the last few years. However, there is more happening in this domain more recently. So what are some of the latest trends in this area and how do they enhance the experience for everyone involved? Find out in this guide.

Better Website Builders

You can expect to come across better site builders on most web hosts. This has been made possible, as design protocols and software have become more accessible to everyone, including beginner users. HTML5 and other new technologies and new variants of JavaScript are making it possible for you to create better websites with better point-and-click website creating software.

Green Hosting

This is a major trend in web hosting, as more businesses are realizing the impact of the hosting industry on the environment. When you realize that the Internet emits as much carbon dioxide in a year as 31 million cars, you can understand the gravity of the situation. This is where the need for green hosting arose. 

  • More web hosting companies now invest in carbon offsetting initiatives and strategies
  • This also includes gaining carbon offset certificates and renewable energy certificates
  • These certificates prove that the hosting companies contributed to the generation of renewable energy or in reducing how much greenhouse gases were emitted

So the next time you switch to a new host or choose a new web host for your new site, make sure it has green hosting certificates.

Enhanced Authentication Protocols

Another new trend in hosting is the inclusion of the 2-factor authentication protocol to increase administration account security. This account’s security had always been crucial to the maintenance of a secure site. It has now evolved beyond the scope of a single username and password. 

Thus, you can expect to go through one more step to log into your account. Such a 2-step authentication process involves an email or text message containing a secure code sent to you. The captcha authentication protocol has already been here, requiring you to prove that you are a human.

Value-Added Services

The new way web hosts are upping the competitive edge is by providing value-added services. Hosting is no longer limited to running a server for storing files. It has also gone beyond providing basic services like HTTPS, web design, SSL, and email marketing solutions. This is because customer expectations have increased significantly over the past few years. 

  • Hosting services now include online marketing services
  • It can also include e-commerce support
  • Some service providers also offer online training

Hosting companies see such additional services as the way to stand out from the crowd.

Faster HTTPS Implementation

It has been an option to embrace HTTPS for your website. But more and more web hosts are seeing a larger percentage of new websites or upgrades implementing HTTPS. Embracing HTTPS has many advantages. 

  • Non-HTTPS websites are marked as non-secure by Google Chrome
  • It is also considered as a ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm

Many web hosts offer free HTTPS as part of their standard package. Whether you have an existing website or you are creating a new one, it is highly recommended to choose the HTTPS protocol. Your visitors and shoppers are also going to trust your website and business more when they see the additional ‘security tag’.

More Resource Information Transparency

More web hosts are becoming genuinely transparent about the information on the resources for different plans and packages. The underlying reasons for this new trend include:

  • More informed web admins
  • Hardware becoming more affordable

It is now possible to choose affordable plans that come with extremely fast SSD technology and advanced CPUs in servers. It is beneficial for everyone including end-users and admins that more and more web hosts now provide detailed specifications of their plans. 

DIY Site Builders

Another feature that hosting service providers are now offering includes DIY site builders. They make it easier to create and manage websites. The drag-and-drop website builders not only make things easier, but they also provide many features that allow end-users to have more control over their website’s customization. These DIY website builders allow the creation of websites based only on the visuals without having to deal with codes. 

So these are some of the most popular hosting trends in current circulation. You may be looking to set up a new website or you may already have one or more sites in place, these trends are going to offer you many benefits. When checking for the best hosts, it is recommended to choose the one that follows these latest trends. Embracing these changes will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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