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9-year-old uses her unconscious dad’s iPhone and Face ID to call 911

Jayline Brandao unlocked her dad’s phone using his face to call 911 when she found her parents unconscious.

9 year old face id
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9-year-old Jayline Barbosa Brandao has become a hero after her quick thinking and knowledge of the iPhone’s Face ID helped her save her family from potentially deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

On October 28, the Brandao family was without power for the third day in a row in their Brockton, Massachusetts home, they told Boston 25 News. After using a generator to power their home for only a few minutes, they turned the machine off and brought it inside because it was too loud.

Not long after that, both of Jayline’s parents began to feel sick. Hearing her father’s screams, Jayline ran to her parents’ bedroom to find both of them drifting out of consciousness from carbon monoxide. Thinking quickly, she rushed to her father’s iPhone and used its Face ID to unlock the iPhone and call 911.

As a note, Apple does let any user call 911 even if an iPhone is locked by following the emergency prompts on the screen. But Jayline’s method was just as effective and likely saved her family from a terrible tragedy.

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After calling 911, Jayline sent her 7-year-old sister outside to get help from a neighbor. Thanks to her quick actions and knowledge of how to use an iPhone, no one was seriously hurt.

Rescue squad members later found carbon monoxide levels, which is deadly at around 150 to 200 parts per million, at around 1,000 parts per million from the generator. As the cold weather starts rolling in across the country, the National Weather Service recommends keeping generators at least 20 feet away from your house at all times.

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