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A guy says he will stay in a shed for five years and livestream it for $5 million

He’s already gone 100 days straight to prove that he’s serious.

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Offering up the kind of solid content that we’ve all been looking for, Twitch streamer Tim C. Inzana says that he will livestream himself inside of a shed 24/7 for five years for individuals willing to pay him $5 million. Inzana, known as stumblrTV on Twitch, has already spent 100 days in the shed to show that he is serious about this mission.

Inzana, who is an artist, started this project at the beginning of this year and has remained committed this far. In fact, he has said that he will remain in the shed for the entire year of 2021 in an effort to try and sell a pretty unique offer. Inzana says that he will livestream from the shed for five years straight if someone gives him $5 million dollars.

The purchase would give the buyer(s) exclusive rights to the stream, which Inzana says will be treated as art and displayed via a monitor on the wall. Inzana says he is offering 20 of these exclusive deals, as well as one special deal that would see him stay in the shed for 10 years for the price of $10 million.

Inzana currently spends his time in the shed creating artwork. During his livestream, he makes sculptures consisting of multiple layers of material like aluminum or acrylic to create 3D designs of things like replica cars and the frames that would hold the monitors sold as his wall art. He can be found live 24/7 on Twitch and can be found doing various things, like eating or dancing. He also hosts a Q&A with his community from 8-10 PM pacific time every night.

Inzana’s shed is located on his family’s property and is equipped with everything the artist needs. He originally spent a couple of months renovating the shed to have what he needs inside. In addition to a bed and a bathroom, the shed contains a full kitchen, and Inzana said his fiancée is supporting him completely and brings him groceries through the shed’s window. Fans of the livestream can hop in and keep Inzana company while he is cooking or eating dinner.

There is actually another option available for fans of stumblrTV. He has said that if his Twitch channel reaches 7,000 subscribers by the end of 2021 then he will continue to livestream from the shed for up to five years, as long as the subscribe numbers remain over that number.

So, if you like the idea that Inzan has come up with, you can head over to his Twitch channel and subscribe to help him keep doing what he’s doing. As of now, Inzana has just over 100 subscribers on his Twitch channel, so he still has a long way to go to reach his goal. However, we’ve seen in the past that just about anything is possible on the internet.

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