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Streaming one hour of Netflix is equal to a 75W ceiling fan running for four hours

Netflix is looking to gain better control of its carbon emissions.

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Determining just how bad streaming services, like Netflix, are for the environment has always been a hot topic. People have often attempted to compare video streaming to other things, like driving a car. Now there is a way for companies to track and understand their impact on the environment.

According to Wired, Netflix has finally released details on the company’s carbon emissions. The company has stated that streaming an hour’s worth of video gives off the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as a typical ceiling fan running for four hours. The company claims that there will be a report released later this month by the Carbon Trust that confirms Netflix’s findings.

The company uses a tool called DIMPACT to measure video streaming’s impact on the environment. DIMPACT was developed by researchers at the University of Bristol. Many streaming services are utilizing the tool to help better understand each companies own individual impact. DIMPACT will help Netflix identify problem areas in the service, such as taking too long to automatically shut down when no one is watching, so that the company can become as efficient as possible.

What will Netflix do with this new information?

Netflix has claimed to be committed to cutting down its impact on the environment. However, it seems the streaming giant is a little behind on that front. Other major tech companies, like Apple and Microsoft have made claims of going carbon neutral or maybe even carbon negative in the near future. These are some big claims by some giants in the tech industry, and it may be crucial for Netflix to follow suit.

It seems like Netflix is looking to catch up in regards to reducing carbon emissions. The company has claimed that it will be announcing a climate plan this spring, according to the article mentioned above. Hopefully, the development of this measuring tool will help the company reduce its overall impact on the environment.

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