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Netflix is coming for you if you’re sharing passwords with someone

It was bound to happen eventually.

netflix password sharing
Image: DOP3Sweet / Twitter

For as long as there has been streaming, there has been someone sharing their password. Netflix password sharing has been a long-running joke both on the internet and in real-life and, for the most part, Netflix has seemed pretty cool with it.

Now, however, as reported by GammaWire, it seems the streaming giant is testing a verification feature that might cut down on password sharing. The new warning was first highlighted in a Twitter post (seen below). Essentially, it seems the company is making users verify that they are the owner of the account by use of a verification code.

If Netflix suspects you are not the owner, it will ask you to prove ownership by using a verification code sent from email or text. There is also a “Verify Later” option, which some commentators noted worked for them.

There’s no official word from Netflix yet about the test and it seems a small number of people on Twitter have reported similar findings, but it’s very minimal.

While this is definitely a bummer, if you are sharing your password with someone for Netflix, then you probably trust them enough to send them to send the verification code, allowing them to continue using the streaming service.

Regardless, it seems that Netflix is finally addressing account sharing, but it will be interesting to see just how far the company takes it.

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