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Here’s all the free PS4 and PS3 games Sony is giving away in November

This list is extremely disappointing.

Sony is at a disadvantage this holiday season, as Nintendo is wrecking everybody and Microsoft has their hype behind the Xbox One X. As months roll along, more free games open up for gamers who have a PlayStation Plus membership.

Yesterday, November’s free games list was announced, and it’s rather disappointing in a month you would figure Sony would push hard. The only worth-while game on this list, to me, is Worms Battlegrounds, and that gets repetitive rather quickly.

There is also a PSVR game available as Sony is celebrating 1 year since the launch of the virtual reality hardware set. You can get Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for free from November 7 – January 2.

All games listed will be available for download starting November 7. Get to downloading and happy gaming!

> PlayStation Blog

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