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Adapting to change: Versatility as a tool for success in the business world according to Korab Kozgori

Today Korab is leading a group of thousands of people that he has managed to impact with his experience.

Korab Kozgori

One of the greatest challenges a person can face in the business world is change. Thinking about transformation in many ways can be difficult and scary because the unknown often causes uncertainty, even stress, and anxiety. However, changes within any stage of life, are indispensable to grow, improve, and even close cycles.

Korab Kozgori knows about this topic. In the opinion of this businessman, a financier by profession, changes are necessary, but above all, a constant aspect of life. That is why he ensures that it is essential to be prepared for it at any time.

Korab was born in Yugoslavia. He grew up there and remained there for 17 years, although one of his favorite anecdotes is that during this period he had the possibility of living in three different countries without even leaving his home. During the war, Yugoslavia changed its name twice. First to Serbia and then Kosovo.

This story left him thinking that “it doesn’t matter where you are going, but where you want to go.” And these changes in a great young facet of his life, allowed him to become a man of great versatility and with a great capacity for change.

So much so, that in his youth he decided to go to the United States as a tourist to study a university career there and then growing as a businessman and a person. Both things were possible. However, the changes did not stop at any point in his journey.

You Decide How to Handle The Change

Korab assures that change is a constant aspect. Whether it is something simple like the change of climate or something more complex like moving from your home, the changes must be present in our lives to grow in the personal and professional environment.

He emphasizes that it is necessary to be aware of the changes in life and sure that they will continue to happen. However, he emphasizes that the greatest skill of a person is to know how to transform that change into something positive for himself.

Although changes affect everyone differently, Korab assures that for many it is difficult to be prepared to achieve it. And it is for this reason that, in some cases, we prefer to stop moving forward, so we don’t have to face them.

This last one, he qualifies it as a mistake because who does not dare to face the changes and manage them, will not be able to reach his objectives successfully.

He points out that in the last year of his university career, he experienced a very significant change. He worked in the development of a clothing brand, which was a great success. After 8 years in the management of this one, a European company was interested and made him a great offer that Korab accepted.

This meant another change in his life because, with his wife, he decided to go to Peru to spend his retirement. He stayed there only for a while because of his versatility and capacity to advance in search of new projects motivated him to continue.

Resilience and Ability

Korab defines these two aspects as an elemental part of the change. He highlights that, in his search for venturing into new professional projects, he arrived in Colombia, where without any experience and without knowing anyone, he managed to enter the environment of marketing networks.

He became the founder of one of the largest financial groups in history and currently holds the rank of Chairman 25 within the company Delta.

From these experiences, what he most rescues is his capacity for resilience and his ability to start from scratch in an unknown place. Having the opportunity to recover from the experience and start over with greater strengths, knowledge and great motivation are key aspects that can define growth and success.

Today Korab is leading a group of thousands of people that he has managed to impact with his experience. He is also a leader and motivator who guides hundreds of individuals on the path to dare to reach their goals, find financial freedom, and live a lifestyle they have always dreamed of.         

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