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Amazon introduces an AR shopping app

Amazon announced today that it’s introducing a new feature called AR View that lets customers visualize online products in their own living space.

Amazon wants to give you even more reasons to shop online just in time for the holiday season, of course.

Amazon announced today that their new augmented reality functionality for the Amazon App would allow users to see real-world products around their homes before buying. Need to see if that lamp will fit in the corner, or if that wall shelf is big enough? Now, theoretically, you can. All you need to do is open your Amazon App, enable the AR option, and you can see how it will look in real life.

Amazon didn’t say which items will be available in AR mode, but they claim “thousands” of items across multiple categories will be viewable on launch day. The app update is now available on iOS 11 via Apple’s ARKit. For now, the mode is only available for iPhone users who have an iPhone 6S and up. Amazon did not announce any upcoming plans for an Android launch.

Amazon has been widening their horizons in technology for customers. We already have Alexa for voice commands, AI-styled guidance with the Echo, and now AR. All these services seem to try to make online shopping easier for customers. Last week, Amazon Key was announced too. Amazon is looking to take over your home, for better or worse.

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